Strong Mediator – Ethical – Caring

Greg Wolf came highly recommended to us from a dear friend, and then again from a neighbor. We had experienced one very frustrating home purchase with a Realtor in the past, and wanted to spare the grief this next time. So we asked around a lot, specifically what each person liked and did not like, before entering into another partnership with a Realtor. Occasionally, friends, acquaintances, or neighbors worked with someone else, but it seemed Greg’s name came up more than anyone else, and what we heard we really liked. Buying or selling a home is a somewhat stressful, and complicated transaction. I think that clients need to feel that they can trust their realtor to genuinely advocate for them, and not just because there will be a commission paid at closing. I believe that this is one of Greg’s strongest traits. He works for you, and there is a sincere sense that he likes his work, and cares about getting you the house you want at a price you can afford.  He listened closely to what we wanted, and did not waste time with houses that were not within our criteria.  In our case, we were purchasing a short sale home, which can delay the entire process tremendously, and it is easy to feel left out of the loop of that process. However, that was never the case with Greg. We were informed every step of the way, even during the times when nothing had happened, which is common with short sales. Despite the fact that many of the decisions were out of Greg’s hands, we always felt that he was a strong and confident mediator for our interests. He spoke candidly with us about the process; he is knowledgeable about real estate: the laws, contracts, and the process that the sale follows. In addition, he was available to us to answer questions. He never made us feel silly or ignorant about the process, and always answered any questions we had with patience, never rushed to get off the phone, or to leave a meeting. Once we were under contract, everything went smoothly, and if minor glitches occurred, they were addressed immediately and resolved. Greg is a knowledgeable, ethical, and driven Realtor who is a pleasure to work with. We would not hesitate to call him again for any future real estate transactions.

— Stephanie and Matthias , Buyer and Seller